Ayamonte is one of the best known cities in Huelva. And the fame is deserved for its history and its border location . Its mouth of the Guadiana river, its churches and temples, its two beaches of Isla Canela and Punta del Moral leave anyone fascinated.

In addition, the orange color of its unique sunsets that take over all corners and streets at dusk earns it the name “the city of light”.

We suggest you approach Ayamonte in various original ways, entering cultural spaces full of history and doing leisure activities offered by the town itself and its surroundings. If you still do not know Ayamonte and have heard of it, we encourage you to visit.

What is certain is that you will see it in a different way.

Developments in Huelva

Choose from two different layouts and create your ideal home with a variety of options – rooftop terrace with bar area, swimming pool, and many ...
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Choose from two different layouts and create your ideal home with a variety of options – rooftop terrace with bar area, swimming pool, and many ...

5 attractive areas of Huelva


Huelva has a long coastline with several beautiful beaches, such as Playa de la Flecha, Playa de la Punta del Camarinal, and Playa de la Bota. These beaches offer a variety of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Natural parks

The province of Huelva is home to several natural parks, such as the Doñana National Park and the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. These parks offer a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, birdwatching, and nature photography.

Cultural attractions

Huelva has a rich history and culture, with several interesting museums and landmarks to visit. Some of the must-see cultural attractions include the Columbus Monument, the Huelva Cathedral, and the Rio Tinto Mines.


Huelva is known for its delicious seafood and other traditional dishes, such as salmorejo (a cold tomato soup) and pescaito frito (deep-fried fish). The province is also home to several wineries that produce high-quality wine.

Festivals and events

Huelva has a vibrant cultural calendar, with several festivals and events taking place throughout the year. Some of the most popular events include the Feria de Mayo (May Fair), the Feria del Carmen (Carmen Fair), and the Semana Santa (Easter Week).

Benefits of owning property in Huelva

Great location

Huelva is located on the Atlantic coast of Spain, which means it has a warm and sunny climate, making it an ideal place to live or vacation. It is also close to other popular destinations such as Seville and Lisbon.


Affordable prices

Property prices in Huelva are generally lower compared to other parts of Spain, making it an affordable option for those looking to buy a home or invest in real estate.


Strong rental demand

Huelva is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the summer months, which means there is a strong demand for rental properties. This can make it a good investment opportunity for those looking to generate rental income.


Rich culture and history

Huelva has a rich history and culture, with a number of landmarks and attractions to explore, such as the Doñana National Park, the Columbus Monument, and the Nueva Umbria Archaeological Museum.


Access to amenities

Huelva is a well-developed region with a range of amenities and facilities, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it a convenient place to live.

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